George Redman Receives Certification as South Carolina Circuit Court Mediator

The Bellamy Law Firm is pleased to announce that George Redman, a shareholder in the firm’s litigation department, has recently earned certification as a South Carolina Circuit Court Mediator.

Mediation is an important component of the legal process and is mandatory in both Circuit and Family Court cases. It is often a useful tool, used in a variety of cases, presenting litigants with a unique opportunity to help clients resolve their differences before a case goes to trial. Well over 95% of all lawsuits settle before trial.

A mediator serves as a neutral, third party, who facilitates settlement discussions and helps parties craft their own resolutions. Settlements allow parties to avoid the stress, cost, and the uncertainty of a trial. Even when mediation does not end with a settlement, the mediation process frequently allow parties to narrow the disputed issues in a case. Whether serving as a mediator or an advocate, a thorough understanding of the mediation process is critical.

The Bellamy Law Firm is proud to offer the services of four certified Circuit Court certified mediators, David B. MillerRobert S. SheltonBenjamin A. Baroody, and George Redman, and one Family Court certified mediator, Hayes K. Stanton.